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Yunjae Reclist \o/

Note: No particular order :) And I'll probably update this haphazardly...
I'm too lazy to put all the LJ user thingy names D: I don't know if it's rude to not do that so I'm sorry ;~;
Each of the fics has a small review because I like to flail, so beware lol

Fave Authors:
caleyedoscope (mearii87)
aisenaiaishitai (beautifulbolero/pedohyung)
crosswards (pikasu)
ricuh (rain_streaked)
oh_whereupon (springtides)
baby_skies (blurmeese)
itisonlylove (ephemeral_blue)

Personal Fave Fics: friend-locked has an asterisk

Shifting Moon by willowwing (PDF)
NC-17; AU; chaptered
Summary: A love destined to be in spite of all that opposes it. Two princes defy their families and their very nature to be together. Love survives where reason would despair.
My comments: IT IS SO ROMANTIC I LOVE IT! Ever since I finished reading it, I kept a bookmark of the pdf on my phone LOL I reread it sometimes \o/

Promises by little_passions (links to a master page of the fic's universe)
NC-17; AU, romance, action, drama; chaptered
Summary: As secrets came to light, Jaejoong saw his life falling apart to the point where he realizes he knows nothing and suspects everyone -- even, Jung Yunho.
My comments: I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH THIS FIC WHEN IT WAS STILL GOING ;;; it's amazing... and so intense but in between there's that romance and /criES

Clair de Lune by mearii87; Moonlight Sonata (Sequel), Moondance (2nd Sequel)
R; AU, supernatural, fantasy, romance; chaptered -- based off of the Mercedes Thompson series :")
Summary for CDL: Jaejoong keeps himself cut off from his pack of werewolves, afraid of what they'll think when they find out he's their Alpha's destined mate. But when bodies start to pile up and a stray wolf is given to them by their sworn enemies, Jaejoong realizes he might not be able to keep his secret for much longer. Even if it means the end of everything he knows.
Summary for MLS: In the middle of the werewolf pack restructuring, Yoochun and Boa having relationship struggles, and Taemin returning from his rehabilitation, a vampire comes to terrorize Seoul. His target: Junsu, and he’ll do anything to get to him. Anything at all.
Summary for MD: An unknown entity infiltrates the pack and rips Jaejoong from its bonds whilst simultaneously disrupting the one that makes Jaejoong and Yunho mates. Desperate to fix it, Yunho and Jaejoong join the Marrok’s pack and are entangled in magic they aren’t sure they’ll survive. Changmin is left in charge as Alpha and must deal with a new wolf claiming to be Minho’s mate and all the trouble that she brings along with her.
My comments: ANOTHER REALLY ROMANTIC ONE ;_______; Jaejoong is afraid of rejection and he learns to accept himself throughout the story ;;; so sweet AND THEN THE SEQUELS JHABGWFIU3Q MOONDANCE IS JUST SIUKDHCIUFESYGRI3QYIRG omg plz read it all it's so interesting to read about werewolves *___* she does a fantastic job and ugh reading about them act like a family and seeing more characters come in ;~~; I'm so attached to the universe lol ; v; skuehfueiw

Glass Heart by mearii87
R; AU, steampunk, magic, drama, romance; chaptered -- based off of the anime Glass Fleet.
Summary: Yunho's been imprinted with the marks of the glass ship his whole life, hiding from anyone that might use him as a guide to take the fabled vessel into war. But he hasn't hid as well as he thought because he finds himself a captive aboard the Sky Pirate's ship and is forced into helping the Sky Pirate King uncover the secrets surrounding the Glass Ship and the once foretold to captain it. Falling in love along the way is just an accident.
My comments: jFC I think I really like pirates..... .... .... Junsu's my favorite character here--it's clear that she was influenced by his role in Elisabeth ; v; I LOVE INSANE CHARACTERS KSHDBIYS and Jaejoong is also wonderfully cruel here... ugh the first chapter made such an impression on me---it's worth the read.

Unusual Waters by little_passions
NC-17; AU, romance, fluff, humor, oneshot
Summary: Yunho had no clue what to do with the handsome stowaway that had no intentions of leaving or giving up on seducing him.
My comments: I have no clue why I like this so much LMFAO but it's so adorable zdnchybsuyeg EVERYTHING SHE WRITES IS PERF BYE

Nietzsche is dead by unlearned
PG-13; band!fic; oneshot
No summary--but basically, each of the boys gets a power, except for Jae; they have weird powers lol and eventually Jae gets his :D
My comments: really funny; love the ot5ness and the hilarity of it--she's really good at characterizing and inserting subtle humor into her fics ; v;

The Wedding Date by yunhore
R; AU, romance, humor; two parts
Summary: A love so fake it's real.
My comments: SOBS ;_______; I watched the movie it's based off of and IT'S LIKE BASICALLY THE SAME HJDSBFYUSDGBF SO ADORABLE though I like this fic more HAHA their development and attraction was so clear ; v; cries they are too cute here...

One Hundred Roses by tvfxq
PG-13; fluff, romance; oneshot
Summary: It takes a secret admirer, a breakup, and one hundred roses for Yunho to confess his feelings.
My comments: PROBABLY THE SWEETEST FIC EVER ;;;;;; SOBS I WAS IN TEARS BY THE END ;; so lovely I can't ;~~;

Happiness is by mearii87
PG; AU, but metaphorically mirrors lawsuit; two parts
Summary: Jaejoong thinks he's happy.
My comments: her descriptions are WONDERFUL--you can picture each little scene with so much detail and you get seriously awed by the images.... this fic really stuck in my head because despite its simplicity, a lot happens and every little scene counts. Although it is metaphorical, it is still also AU, and in doing so, she creates this beautiful little universe *___* I really love how unique it is...

you as my muse by rain_streaked
PG; band!fic; oneshot
No summary--just a writing from Yunho's point of view.
My comments: it's really short, but I love how Yunho just admires Jae here... it's fluffy, and then the ending sort of... awes you ; o;

His Wedding Ring by samikitty
NC-17; AU, unrepentant smut; oneshot
Summary: It started off as one tiny indiscretion, a quick and dirty handjob in a bathroom inspired by alcohol and lust. Neither intended it to continue. But one time was followed by two, then three, and Yunho felt like they were losing control.
My comments: Not even going to bother LMFAO JUST READ IT KJDSFUBGIYUS the ending is amazing and perfect :D

Whale Hunting by taemun
NC-17; AU, road trip, romance; chaptered
Summary: Yunho left Seoul for the sole reason of getting rid of his friends, but instead gains himself a new one. And a dog. Yes, let's not forget about the dog.
My comments: UGH THIS FIC IS PERFECT ;______; Jae is so random here, I love it ;;; and Yunho's like weirded out by him at first, but then he eventually gets used to him lmao it's SO cute god I love it T___T and ot5ness too!! the humor is so good jdhguisbejhdviyufgfe love love love

*the gravity that brings you to your knees. by springtides
PG-13; AU, angst, romance, character death; oneshot
Summary: I'll come back, Yunho says, and he's holding onto Jaejoong like it's the last time he ever will, their hearts beating in tandem. I'll come back and we'll go south and we'll chase seagulls and we'll eat ice-cream on the runway and I'll tell you that I love you every day and we'll live together forever.
My comments: me reading angst? AND character death???!!??! *gasp* no but the language is beautiful, it's worth it despite any tears it may cause T____T my favorite angsty fic... it's beautiful, honestly.

Damaged by aquariuslover
R; band!fic, friendship, romance, future AU, angst; chaptered
Summary: On a cold winter's day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan's anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.
My comments: Surprise! you've come across a fan that actually loves Damaged :3 one of my first fics--I caught up to it around chapter 30-40....? I don't remember... but I really loved her take on the situation. The way she makes them solve their problems is good too--they've got a lot to figure out.

Bubbly Shotgun by quirke
PG-13; band!fic; oneshot
Summary: All married couples fight. Yunho and Jaejoong aren't any exception.
My comments: probably my favorite by quirke--I love the little details she writes here, as well as the humor present; it's both sweet and amusing... and just a minor lover's spat tbh ;~~~; so cute

Ice by beeswaxing
NC-17; AU, fluff, romance, mild angst, drama; chaptered
Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what's wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that's what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart...
My comments: an AMAZING fic--I wasn't expecting to become so enraptured in it, but it really pulls you in--the suspense and drama builds up and things have to be solved. It's also a story of how they learn from each other, which I find really lovely tbh ;; they become better people ;~;

at daylight by retroject
G; band!fic, ot5; oneshot
No summary--general ot5ness is what I would go with.
My comments: ;________; I love the ot5 in this.... I could quote it all SOBS it's just a really heartwarming fic, so sweet ;; one I hold dear to me...

And so to Sleep by itisonlylove
PG; band!fic, fluff, general, romance; oneshot
Summary: Wherein there's sleeping, food and a screaming confession of love.
My comments: dkjbcvuidsbrg this is SO funny and also really endearing.... Yunjae being in denial and then working it out... and some Yoosumin cuteness... and then the little picture of ot5ness at the end..... ugh I love it all ;;; also another I hold dear to me D:

*Bonnie and Clyde by yunho
NC-17; AU, pwp; oneshot
Summary: They'd been robbing banks for years but maybe it's time for a change. Sex in a motel essentially.
My comments: ....... don't ask me why I like this one particularly, I just do LOL! I think I like the feverishness of it \o/ and then how cute they get at the end--the summary should tip you off on what I mean. (haha money pun)

Worth the Wait by pazz_and_jop
G; band!fic, fluff; oneshot
Summary: Yunho will do whatever it takes to make sure they have more days like this one.
My comments: goD this fic is lovely T____T CRYIN IT'S SO SWEET KHGS87RGT they're adorable.... warning, it may make you cry ;~~~;

You and I by little_passions
R; AU, romance, slight angst, humor, fluff; oneshot
Summary: Their first meeting was unusual, their friendship crazy, but their love was incomparable.
My comments: I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I'VE REREAD THIS ;_____; ugh it's so adorable and fluffy... they just naturally fall into their routine dkubguisjhf the intimacy I can't

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid by crosswards
PG; AU, crack, romance, fantasy; oneshot
Summary: Yunho is Aladdin and Jaejoong is Princess Jasmine, who does not appreciate being mistaken for a girl. But Yunho is an idiot who mistakes him for a girl anyway. This makes his pursuit a little tricky.
My comments: hilarious!! I love Aladdin oh gosh xD all the ot5ness too~ so funny omg... and a sweet ending ; v;

law!verse by mearii87 (PDF)
R; AU, humor, drama, romance; chaptered
Summary: There's a naked man on campus...
(uh so she didn't plan for it to become chaptered, but then it did, so it's a series of connected oneshots \o/ it does have a plot and an ending :D)
My comments: the first fic I read by her.... gosH that attraction between Yunjae I can't SHE WRITES IT SO WELL /DYING/ it's also obvious in Glass Heart ugh ugh ughg ughguhg gughughguhugh she's gr8

Whirlwind by magalix3
NC-17; AU, fluff, smut, humor; chaptered
Summary: Yunho falls just as hard and as fast as Jaejoong did the day he met - the day Jaejoong nearly took off the car door to Yunho's Acura.

A Learning Process by little_passions
NC-17; AU, romance, humor; chaptered
Summary: Jung Yunho was supposed to be the mysterious, indifferent, student council president. While he'd never stolen any minute of Kim Jaejoong's attention before, he certainly was now.
My comments: GROSS SOBBING this is such a lovely high school fic ;_______; true to its title, they definitely learn and mature as people ;;; so sweet... and they're so different by the end ; o; it's adorable

*The Ringmaster by winged_kame
NC-17; AU, smut, romance; chaptered
Summary: Jaejoong is an elephant trainer at a circus that recently got a new ringmaster named Yunho. Jae soon finds that Yunho wants to be the master of more than just the circus ring.
My comments: MY FIRST EVER YUNJAE FIC * v* I picked a wonderful one to start out with tbh~ it's BDSM, and they're so caring about each other--it's so sweet T__T CRIES

Domestic Warfare by yunho
PG-13; AU, fluff; oneshot
Summary: Yunho broke Jaejoong's heart, so Jaejoong broke his...
My comments: HAHAHA THIS IS JUST SO ENTERTAINING I love it :"D I love little short ones like these because they're so fluffy and skeefhbusihf cute!! ; v;

*Fragile Essence by aquariuslover
R; AU, drama, angst, romance; chaptered
Summary: Jaejoong, the half Korean child nobody wanted, and Yunho, the beloved golden son of a town, form an unlikely bond; one that is forever evolving through the passing years as it is repeatedly tested by love, loss, and fire. This is part one of their story.
My comments: a high school AU basically, but their story is so complicated and convoluted that it really isn't your typical high school AU LOOL anyway, the characterizations and emotions are really deep and consuming... this fic is addicting haha and you worry about what's going to happen next D: skjbfuidsrg really good one.

Passion Aggression by little_passions
NC-17; AU, slight drama, humor, fluff; 3 parts
Summary: To Kim Jaejoong, his newest (fake) boyfriend is cute - as cute as a puppy with rabies.
My comments: YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I OBSESS OVER THIS FIC ; A; this is another fic I read when I'm bored hahahahahhaha BUT ANYWAY oh ymg do I love the progression of their relationship..it's HILARIOUS and then it's also endearingly awkward in some parts heehee :D their attraction is just so clear and it takes them a while to finally act on it iudhfiyudgsf also really love all the stuff about fashion... I love high-society fics like this * v* PLZ READ IT I BEG YOU

약속했던 그때에 (Always There) by were1993
PG-13; very AU, angst, romance; oneshot
Summary: "There will be today, there will be tomorrow, there will be always, and there was yesterday, and there was the day before..." - Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
My comments: lots of alternate universes concerning Yunho and Jaejoong and their lives... SO interesting... each time period is drastically different, and the concept of this fic just makes it stand out *___* so amazing... the ending is quite fantastic, as well. love it.

With You by little_passions
PG-13; AU, romance, humor, fluff; oneshot
Summary: From falling in love to getting out of the friend zone, a lot can happen in one year.
My comments: kjbfiudrhg this is just so adorable and fluffy, I love their random conversations ;~; SO CUTE.... very sweet little fic ; v;

Call of Winter & the sequel: Remembering Spring by little_passions
NC-17; AU, romance, drama, angst, fantasy; oneshots
Summary for the former: Despite the unforgiving circumstances and the harsh frost, their love would bloom.
Summary for the latter: He was so used to winter that he'd forgotten what spring was like.
My comments: I ADORE this universe.... the way they speak, the way they act skdjfbdsigr it's so intimate and lovely and romantic.... ;~; I love the tone of it all too, it's so formal and serious and I love how the winter reflects the mood and everything... ugh I just love prose ksdkjvh hugs this universe

Genius by beautifulbolero
NC-17; AU, humor, romance, smidgen of smut; 2 parts
Summary: I, Kim Jaejoong, am awesome. And handsome and clever and charming and witty and cute and so on and so forth. Somehow, this led to my female housemates thinking that I'm gay. And somehow, this led to me being set up with a guy. I know, I know, I can hardly believe it myself. But what's even harder to believe is that… I think I kind of like him.
My comments: I CAN'T HELP BUT LAUGH EVERY TIME I THINK OF THIS FIC oh my god it's so funny lmao Jae is totally arrogant and weird but since it's in first person, you can't always believe what he says :P it's super adorable...

Pilfering Brushworks by konnistique
PG; band!fic, fluff; oneshot
Summary: Jaejoong walks through the house, leaves behind nothing and steals with him a photo of everything --innocence, beauty, wisdom, love.
My comments: this fic is so sweet ;____; the descriptions are just so lovely and vivid, and it's just such a beautiful little picture the writer creates with her words D: I love it...

Snuff by blurmeese
NC-17; angst; oneshot
No summary--but basically they do a snuff film... there's a link at the end to the wikipedia article lol
My comments: It's really interesting tbh! I like dark themes like this, but if you google what "snuff" is, the person is supposed to die at the end... you'll see what happens :D it's really interesting, I promise~

Of Afterlight by quirke
R; AU, ot5; oneshot
Summary: There is a fairy tale about the Children of Cassiopeia - they are the in-betweens of heaven and hell, dusk and dawn, life and death. Give them what they need and you might get what you want.
My comments: a universe by itself so carefully crafted *___* mysterious and frightening but still beautiful *O*

Safe Keeping by magalix3
NC-17; AU, romance, supernatural, slight angst, smut; 2 parts
Summary: The demon knows more about Jaejoong’s heart than he should.
My comments: THIS IS SO ROMANTIC OTL it's scary in the beginning but then it dissolves into super cuteness ;_____; OMG... IT'S SO CUTE OTL

*The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage or here by yunho_ism
NC-17; AU, romance, fluff, smut; 2 parts
Summary: Yunho is a popular and well-respected politician in South Korea who is currently winning the hearts of the people as he campaigns for president. However, his aspirations may come to a grinding halt when a mysterious blackmailer gets a hold of his most closely-guarded secret: the existence of his secret lover, Kim Jaejoong.
My comments: ugh the little flashbacks of how he met Jae are my fave part... THIS IS SO CUTE OTL SKFBHI7EGHIUGESBUIF YOU HAVE TO READ IT /shakes person reading this/ and the vocabulary used is just *O* lovely~ it's all so sweet~

Dark Alleys by aftersong
NC-17; AU, drama, smut; 2 parts
Summary: Jaejoong was the best in his gang; the feared killer. One day he receives a job - to nab documents from their rival gang, whose leader happens to be a certain Jung Yunho.
My comments: I remember being shocked in the second part HAHAHA this is really interesting * v* and sexy meheheh and gosh the way it's written is just so *____* wonderful; it fits the dark tone SO well ah

Tricky Treats by k_chan91
PG-13; AU, comedy, mystery, romance, fluff; oneshot
Summary: Someone knows Junsu's dark, Halloween secret. Will they expose his secret to the world or leave poor Junsu alone with his tortured soul?
My comments: I LITERALLY COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING ALL THROUGH THIS FIC IUSHGFIESUHG it's total crack but it's SO hilarious it's worth the read lmao and ugh it's just so funny with all the boys ;____; cuties

Lost in Translation by brownbox72
NC-17; AU, romance, fluff, smut; oneshot
Summary: Two strangers make hasty relations on their beautiful Californian vacation despite the fact that they do not have a clue what each other is saying.
My comments: kjdvbhisueh I love this fic, it's so good... OT5NESS YAY and the picture is just so clear in your mind *___* I enjoyed editing this lol AND UGH THE ENDING IS JUST ADORABLE OTL

When a Legacy Ends by maxism12
G; band!fic, bromance, humor, friendship, general; oneshot
Summary: One where Changmin has to watch Harry Potter with the other four.
My comments: this is just so sweet TT_______TT it's just a little fic about the boys going to see HP but... jkdbxviuse I love how she writes in all their personalities and ugh these boys are just so cute and funny and lovely D: sniffle

Synapse by pikasu
PG; AU-ish, drama, romance, angst, supernatural; oneshot
Summary: Jaejoong could hear little voices at the back of his head when he was young, though he dismisses them as something normal, it didn't fade away when he grew older. Soon, Jaejoong finds himself trying to reach the voice, and discovers something so much more...
My comments: jksdbgiusehiut really unique idea... it's cute how they grow up and become friends D: but the end is my favorite... UGH I LOVE THESE ENDINGS ;;

3856 by rain_streaked
NC-17; band!fic, pwp
No summary--basically Yunjae see each other at a music show (post-lawsuit) and things escalate quickly.
My comments: I like the way she writes about everything going on behind the scenes--as in their emotions, because it's obviously a very tense and awkward and nostalgic moment kjdxhufiew

Flying Broken Sky by mearii87
R; AU, angst; oneshot
Summary: Jaejoong must prove that he is the best.
My comments: Don't ask me why I like this LOL but I love the idea even if it's twisted... also her note at the end is hilarious I love her

Business Proposal by mearii87
PG-13; AU, drama, humor, romance; oneshot
Summary: The sales at Yunho’s restaurant are slipping and he has a horrible feeling that it’s the fault of a new establishment that’s just opened across the street: a cozy, home-like establishment with an angel for an owner that he doesn’t have a crush on, no matter what Junsu says.
My comments: I love it when they're rivals * v* heheheheh AND I LOVE HOW SHE WRITES THEM KBCDSUEIT especially when they're getting together :"D omg flails this is just too cute and amusing

looking for a place to happen by retroject
G; AU; oneshot
No summary--just wanderlust :D
My comments: kjsbefu8i4 I love casual fics like these... as in the tone ; v; the style is so nice.. it's one of those fics with more description than dialogue, but the kind that describes the mood well and their jittery feelings * v*

how to fly by club_hypnotic
PG-13; AU; oneshot
Summary: Happily-ever-after in just thirty-five years.
My comments: omg ;_________; FROM BEGINNING TO END IT JUST MAKES A COMPLETE CIRCLE KJSDBGUISHE I love this one so much... it's basically a look into their life from being childhood friends ; v; IT'S SO CUTE and gosh it just takes them so long to do something about it D:

post-it love by blurmeese
PG-13; AU, angst; oneshot
Summary: A hundred different places to hide your heart.
My comments: character death, but ;_____; god such an amazing style.... I love how you have interpret some things too... kjdsfniue gosh even though it's so sad it's just so good and sweet T___T

Expectations by aquariuslover
R; AU, romance, humor, drama, angst, etc; chaptered series
Summary: Each adventure has its own summary, but it's basically Star Trek meets DBSK (and a bunch of other SM people and Infinite \o/)
My comments: wow, I've been following this story since the first adventure... that was like 2 years ago o__o omg... but anyway I'm really attached to it and ugh it hasn't lost its appeal at all.. in fact, I'm eagerly awaiting the next adventure as I type this lol /restless kjsbcfius BUT IT'S SO GOOD and she puts her own ideas into it, so it's not very confusing :D SO GOOD

Train by gashiwaku (sequel's linked at the bottom)
NC-17; AU, smut, slight fluff; oneshot
No summary--just smut LOL
My comments: um..... I like the way she writes smut? hahaha 8"D I like the beginning of the sequel too bc yay possible relationship \\\o/

*The Valentine Project by yukimiya87
NC-17; AU, romance, humor, fantasy; chaptered
Summary: What if you wake-up one day and find yourself chained to a stranger?
My comments: JESUS CHRIST THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVE FIC OF HERS KDBSFIUEW the idea is so amusing and it's HILARIOUS I just enjoyed reading this a lot :") I laughed so much while I read this jssbciuseb and it's super adorable ; v;

Out of Sequence by ephemeral_blue
R; AU, drama, angst, romance; chaptered
Summary: Wherein the rules of Three changes Jaejoong's life.
My comments: I haven't read this in FOREVER but I just remember being really attached ;___; Jae's unlucky and yeah there's a lot of angst but D: Yunho is so supportive and duhgiuwb it's just so sweet I love it all, the ending is so nice ;~~~; /blows nose into tissue

To: The City of Love by magalix3
NC-17; lawsuit!verse, romance, drama, smut; chaptered
Summary: Jaejoong wasn’t dressed for the wedding, but then again, he hadn’t been invited.
My comments: I first avoided this fic because I was worried it'd be all angsty and dramatic, but I was proven SOOOO wrong oh ym god it's adorable ;____; A MUST-READ JKSDBFGIUSE screams

Hearts on Fire by atriums
PG-13; AU, romance, fluff, drama; oneshot
Summary: "I can't imagine my life without you."
My comments: ;________; THIS IS SO ADORABLE it basically goes from their lives from when they meet to the present and ;___; o mg kudos to them for being strong and facing challenges D: crying they're adorable
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